The Resort offers a taxi service for which you can pre-pay online and pre-book online. This service is offered to Owners, Guests of Owners and Interval International Exchange Guests. Upon arriving at the airport in Puerto Vallarta, once you have received your luggage and cleared customs, you will enter an enclosed area that appears to be a transportation information area. You will be approached by promoters offering to assist you with transportation and claiming to represent Rancho Banderas. Please be aware that these promoters do not represent Rancho Banderas and the offer they will make you is "not free".

The Rancho Banderas representative will be outside of the exit door of this area, to your right with a "Rancho Banderas" sign and will escort you directly to your prepaid transportation. To book a taxi, please fill the transportation form. Please be sure before submitting the transportation authorization form electronically, that you have carefully read the rates, billing procedure and cancellation policies.

If you are interested in renting a vehicle from the airport, you may contact our concierge through

Please note that the Airport Federal rates are higher than the taxi rates in Puerto Vallarta and from the resort to Puerto Vallarta. This is due to the airport being a Federal Site, which administers additional fees to support the costs of expensive federal plates required for this zone.

We look forward to welcoming you soon! On behalf of the Rancho Banderas staff, we wish you a safe flight.